Don’t Settle for Less – Revisiting The Spirit of David.
February 26, 2018
Know Your Bible
February 26, 2018

There is a credibility test going on now in the body of Christ in Nigeria-Many established ministries and ministers will either gain credibility or loose It depending on how they handle the current doctrinal controversies.It will serve as a filter to separate those who are going all the way with Jesus. It will separate the called from the chosen, and birth a revival of the word and power which will not be traceable to any of the established mega churches. God will be using imperfect vessels in imperfect ways to wage this war against organised religion.It will have the semblance of the Arab spring, which started on social media but ended up shaking established Government systems that had existed for decades. This is going to hit hard against the 3 potent spirits of organised religion: Jezebelism, Nicolaitanism and Baalism and they will fight back , but it will be as futile as fighting against the wind. The harvest is ripe and the evening time has come for the light to shine forth.

Beyond Tithing, there would be an overhaul of many other doctrines aside the doctrine of Christ.This spiritual civil war will intensify as we enter 2018. To be on the Lords side is a personal choice as being on any church’s side will automatically pitch you against the Lord. Let the holy seekers and loving enquirers go and sharpen their swords-I was personally instructed to do this.

As it was in the time of Christ’s first coming, so will it be in this his second coming-He will appear to his sheep in the manger, and not in the magnificent cathedrals and cities we are building and congregating around.

The Lord is set to do a new thing amongst his people.It can not be stopped.Zion train is moving, get in or get knocked down. These are just the contemplations of a brother.

Noel Abdullahi


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    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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    Thank you for the wonderful post

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