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February 26, 2018
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Does christianity includes obeying National Laws
March 13, 2018

I have observed that my kids love to clean their ears, and its usually one of the things that keep them still. It’s usually a pleasurable feeling that most people I know enjoy and some have even built bad habits around it.

I saw an image a few days ago that suggests there is no way one can cleanse his heart without cleaning his ears.

The ears remain the doorway to our hearts…”be careful what you HEAR”…the EAR leads to the H-(E-A-R)-T.

One of my favourite authors identified 3 types of ears:

1.Clean ears- Those who clearly hear the truth, receive it, and follow through with instructions.

2.Cluttered ears Those who can’t receive the information because of preconceived ideas.

3.Critical ears- Those who refuse to hear because they have a critical attitude toward the message or messenger.

Clean your ears..

Knowledge begins by HEARING, understanding begins by doing and wisdom manifests through diligence.

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