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Christ is our passion and building his body is our mission. We are called to support the advancement of Gods Kingdom by “Building a people with God for God”.



Dearly Beloved,

It gives me great pleasure to connect with you again. Glory to the Lord in the highest for great things He has done!

Over the last quarter - January to March 2018 - the Builders With God Ministry (BWGM) can boast of the awesomeness of our God, our very present help, pillar and strength.

In February, we had a Youth Forum specially designed to prepare our young people for February 14 – popularly known as Valentine’s Day.

We have come to realize that a number of destinies are thwarted on the altar of sexual immorality which is prevalent on that day. Statistics show that there is a 20-30% increase in the sale of condoms during valentine's season. Same goes for anti-pregnancy pills and antibiotics that prevent STDs. Being proactive, the theme of the Forum, strategically held four days before Valentine’s Day, was ‘How To Prepare For Valentine’s Day.’

Over 500 young people gathered and were taught the Word, under the prophetic unction, how to escape the looming temptation that has become a norm on February 14; what love is, what love is not; and that the world’s definition of love and God’s expression of love are not the same.
To the glory of our God, testimonies abound of the mighty deliverances, salvation and illumination in the lives of participants.

Here are some of the testimonies
More detail
You can also access the audio messages of the forum

here and feel free to make it accessible to the young folks under your purview not just in preparation for Valentine's season, but in preparation against all form of sexual immorality.

Valentine 1
Valentine 2
In March, we hosted the Ibadan Ministers’ Conference for Church Leaders, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists and Christian leaders.

We worked with the local pastors who indeed mobilised their fellows and came in numbers for the conference as countless amount of hours, prayers and work was invested. Our focus was ‘Towards the Effective Church’. We discussed what The Church really is vis-a-vis what we know as denomination and what impacts The Church should have on the society if it were effective. We saw real life videos of what the present ‘church’ has become in many climes – lacking truth, powerless, ineffective and money-centric – thereby making mockery of The Church. It was a time of sober reflection, introspection and repentance as God spoke His Word to his servants in Ibadan – which has been a hub for pure Christian values in time past. It was really a time of revival as God’s servants cried unto the Lord seeking a return to their first love! My brother, Pastor Chigozie Anyanwu, was on hand to lead us in worship while we also used the conference to launch our online radio – (

In conclusion
Let me use this opportunity to invite you to the Labour Day Ministers’ Conference in Lagos where we shall be ‘Preparing For The Inevitable’.

There are things that are bound to happen with, around and among us as believers which we ought to be prepared for lest we be consumed by them. In fact, these things and times are imminent, yea, creeping upon us already.
As grievous as some of these things are, the church is unprepared, lacking foresight and sleeping soundly not remembering the Scripture in Amos 6:1 which says 'woe to those at ease in Zion.'
It's time to wake up and indeed, wake others up so that the Kingdom of our Father does not suffer unnecessary damage and we all don't end up being caught up by those events while we are still "doing church", praying and wishing that the inevitable does not happen.
Pastor Chigozie Anyanwu, that anointed worshipper, would also be leading us in worship at the conference.
I am extending this special invitation to you because I believe you are a dependable kingdom laborer and a responsible leader of God's people seeking God's best for them.
It shall be a time of refreshing for thirsty souls, re-dedication unto God, revival and restoration unto greater works.

Your brother in Christ,
Dele Oyeleru

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