December 1, 2017

Do you feel you have reached an unplanned bus stop in your life and cannot seem to seem to find the way ahead. We have all been there on several occasions and will probably still get there again at some point. I hope this 3-part series of posts will help you find your way again

In Part1 of this series, we were reminded that only in Christ Jesus can we find our true identity and not in any of the passing labels the world seeks to place upon us, or have us place upon ourselves. Whether, I am labelled fat, slow, dumb or smart and beautiful, these are not the things that define me. All of who I am, is rooted in Christ. He, and his sacrifice on Calvary defines me not anything I have done or failed to do. Christ has bequeathed us with an identity that we could not ever have worked to attain; an identity based on his capabilities and achievement only.

Having established that basic foundation, the Apostle Paul then reminds us that receiving this Christ-Identity however, is not an end in itself, rather it is an empowerment to press on to attain the ultimate objective. Throughout today’s passage, we are reminded that entering into Christ’s identity does not mean our journey to perfection is complete; rather it is an empowerment to commence the journey. There is a final goal that must be attained – the resurrection from the dead. If we are to reach the end of the road successfully, we must forget yesterday’s triumphs and failures and be prepared to do all that is needful today.

Recently, the Nigerian National football team, the Super Eagles won the African Cup of Nations for the 3rd time after failing to do so for 19 years. The team’s journey to glory, vividly exemplifies Vs 13 of today’s passage and we will dwell on this awhile. . “…I count myself not to have attained: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth not those things which are before…”

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